2016 Pre-Season Savings

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Variable Speed Pump  

   $1,320   SAVE $200

50% Deposit Required

  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • On average, pool owners have noted that their new VS pump pays for itself in 2 years
  • Option to set the timer for the pump to run at one speed during peak use hours and another at night

Salt Water Chlorine Generator

   $1,950  SAVE $200

50% Deposit Required

  • Simplify your pool sanitation
  • Family friendly, softer water- easier on your eyes, skin, and swim suits
  • Automatically chlorinates your pool all season long

Filter Maintenance Specials    SAVE $35

Tune up your filtering system for a clearer pool

Replace the Sand in Your Sand Filter:

Recommended every 3-5 years

24" Sand Filter $279        26"-30" Sand Filter $449

  • Disassemble filter as needed
  • Remove existing sand
  • Clean filter housing
  • Fill with gravel and sand
  • Reassemble filter

Clean Cartridge or D.E. Filters:

Elements on Cartridge and D.E. Filters should be thoroughly cleaned annually

$179 discounted rate

  • Disassemble filter
  • Remove and inspect cartridges or grids
  • Bring cartridges or grids back to our shop to soak in cleaning solution overnight
  • Within 48 hours: reinstall cartridges or grids
  • Reassemble filter

Heater Maintenance Special

Annual maintenance keeps the heater running right

$99 discounted rate

  • Remove burner tray and vacuum
  • Clean pilot tube and orifice
  • Remove vent hood so we can remove leaves and debris
  • Check electric safety circuit

Salt Water Chlorine Generator Cleaning

Have your salt water pool sanitizer running at peak efficiency

$59 discounted rate

  • Manufacturers recommend an annual cleaning to keep it running at its best

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